Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is responsible for maintaining & managing my ponies?

Pony Bikes is responsible for ensuring a smooth operation of the business and optimum utilisation of the vehicles and the app. This includes repairs, service checks and redistribution of the fleet throughout the city. E.g.: placing bikes uphill.


2. What happens if one of my ponies is damaged?

Pony Bikes takes care of all the repairs and maintenance. We charge a flat fee per ride to cover the cost of maintenance and fleet redistribution.

If your pony is damaged beyond repairs we will either replace it with another pony from the fleet or we will write if off for good should you decide to do so. The average time to repair a pony is 7 days. It can be as fast as 2 days or may take up to 15 days depending on the difficuty and numbers of fixes to be made.


3. What if Pony Bikes decide to change the price per ride?

Our prices are occasionally modified to reflect market conditions. All decisions regarding pricing strategy, marketing any other business decision is entirely down to Pony Bikes.


4. My pony is outside the riding zone, what can I do?

Pony Bikes brings the bikes back inside the zone on a regular basis. Users are also requested to bring the bike back within 24 hours. It’s highly unlikely your bike stays stuck outside the riding zone for a long time.


5. Can I ask the operational team to prioritise my ponies?

The Pony angel shall not have any decision power or any voting right in relation to strategic decisions, fleet management or operational strategies.


6. What happens if one of my ponies gets stolen or vandalised?

The purchase price includes an insurance cover against theft & vandalism. The duration of the insurance depends on the vehicle and the deal you got when you purchased your pony but typically ranges between 6 months and 18 months.

When your pony is declared missing or stolen, we’ll conduct a short investigation and start the replacement process. Once we have established your pony is definitely missing we will replace it with another one and transfer all its ride history. It will also keep its pony name. It may take up to 15 days to be replaced but you can generally expect for it to be done within 5-7 days.

At the end of the insurance period, we will provide the opportunity to renew the insurance for a small monthly fee.

The amount of the excess depends on the vehicle. For E-scooters it is 50€. For pedal bikes it’s 0€.

In order to protect the ponies against theft, all components are either branded (the frame, etc.) or anti theft (screws, seat post etc.). The ponies have very little value on the second hand bike market and on the spare part market. They are also GPS tracked with a team checking on them.

7. How do I make money?

You’ll receive a % of the overall revenue generated by your adopted ponies.


8. How much money can I make?

Earning potential of your fleet is subject to variable demand according to weather, season and position of the bike, with no fixed income guaranteed. It also varies quite a bit based on the market you are in. For instance, a pony can do as many as 12 rides on a Summer day, and as low as 0 rides on a snowy Winter day.

We don’t guarantee a return, but it’s highly unlikely that a pony won’t have paid back for itself before its first anniversary.

If you want to do more research, data is available from public schemes in cities like London, Lyon, Paris, Austin, Charlotte, Portland.


9. What other expenses do I need to know about?

There should be no surprise!

Repair, maintenance & fleet redistribution: Repair, maintenance & fleet redistribution are managed by Pony Bikes for a flat fee per ride. The flat fee depends on the deal you got when you purchased your pony but it typically ranges between €/£0.25 – €/£0.75.

The flat fee is taken from the riding revenue and is not taken for rides that do not generate a revenue (for example, rides made by yourself on your bike, or rides made by other pony angels).

Theft & Vandalism: An insurance cover against Theft & Vandalism is included in the purchase price of your bike for the first months (the number of months depends on the deal you got when you purchased your pony). We will provide the opportunity to renew the insurance policy at the end of the period for a small monthly fee that will depends on the total number of rides of your pony and other factors at the discretion of Pony Bikes. The excess amount depends on the vehicle. The excess amount for Escooters is 50€. The excess amount for pedal bikes is 0€

Charging: the pony team takes care of ensuring the batteries of electrified ponies are charged.

10. What if I want to keep my adopted pony in my backyard?

If you don’t want other pony riders to use your adopted pony (guess you like it a lot?), you may have it removed from the pony app and disabled for sharing upon request. Bear in mind that this will impact the revenue generated by your adopted pony.

While you privatise your pony, the pony team is no longer responsible for maintaining, redistributing & charging it (for electrified ponies) until you release it back for sharing.

11. Can I move my pony from one city to another?

We can’t physically do so but depending on circumstances we could let pony owners decide to transplant their pony inside a pony that lives in another city.


12. What is the price of a pony ride?

It depends on the city and the type of user. Please get the app to check out pricing policies.

Most users are using pony bikes occasionally and pay a cost per half hour. Earnings generated by pony club members are averaged across the board.

We occasionally and parsimoniously give away coupons for free rides for partnerships and general brand recognition – these rides are free and generate no revenue.

Finally, rides made by other pony angels and rides made by the pony angel him/herself do not generate any revenue.


13. I can’t see my pony on the app.

It can come from one of the following reasons:

1. The accuracy of the current gps signal for this pony is too low. When this is the case, we don’t display the pin on the user app to prevent a user from walking all the way to a pin if the pony is not actually there. Generally the team will check this pony on the next couple of days and confirm exactly where the pin is and make the pin visible again for users to ride the pony.

2. Someone from Pony Bikes picked up your pony to relocate it or to bring it to the warehouse. While it’s on its way the pin is no longer visible.

3. It has been stolen or the lock is damaged 🙁


14. Who is responsible if someone gets hurt while riding my pony or if an accident is caused because of my pony?

Pony Bikes remains the operator of the vehicles and bears the responsibilities. Pony is covered by a public liability insurance covering damages up to £10,000,000.


15. Do I own a particular pony ?

Technically you own a contract that gives you the right to: access any pony of the fleet, privatise one or several ponies, collect the revenue from one or several ponies that are allocated to you at a certain point in time.


16. Do I have access to other ponies

As a pony angel you are automatically enrolled onto a 0€ monthly membership that last as long as your pony lives.

The monthly membership lets you access any pony for free. However it does not waive the riding fee for electric vehicles.

For example, if it costs 1€ to unlock a scooter and 0.15€ / min to ride it. You will be paying 1.5€ for a 10 min ride instead of 2.5€.