The Wolf

It was conceived from the ground up to withstand intense usage and extreme weather conditions, all while providing its users with a safe, comfortable, and fun riding experience.

Simple.Fun & Sturdy

At pony we do everything in house and that includes vehicle & hardware design. Ponies are made for shared usage and built to withold intense weather conditions over several years. Maintenance & Recycling of parts are made easy by design.

A pony never disappoints

  • High end

    All our vehicles are made with the highest standards technology and material. We source only the best suppliers for spare parts

  • Aluminium

    Bespoke frame resistant to shocks. Rust resistant and light. Stainbless steel nuts and screws.

  • Simple & Sturdy

    We keep our designs and vehicles as simple as possible. No unecessary buttons or cables. Just what you need to go from A to B in a smooth way

  • Shared

    Our ponies are connected all the time with a state of the art IOT device and GPS.

  • Anti-theft

    The key parts are custom made for pony making them worthless on the secondary market. Screws and nuts are anti-theft.

  • Modular

    All the parts are swapable and easily removable. They are all compatible across models in order to minise the written off rate


Magnetic lights

No battery, waterproof & anto-theft


Puncture free tires

Anti-skidding, tubeless, puncture free tires. Sustainable production.


Spokeless wheels

Rims and spokes are casted in one piece in order to eliminate the risk of a buckled wheel


Drum brakes Karasawa

High reliability. No maintenance.


Pony designs and develops its own bikes. We know the industry inside out, and control the value chain for maximum value add. This allows us to choose each and every component, select the very best suppliers, and perform key quality checks at every step of the process.

Our bikes are certified ISO 4210 — Safety Requirements for Bicycles, the gold standard in Europe. In terms of performance, we built the pony bikes to handle twice this standard, for maximum reliability throughout their life on the streets.


  • frame
  • 6061 T4 T6 alloy - Triple wall down tube
  • tyres
  • Puncturefree airless tyres
  • brakes
  • Drum brakes Karazawa
  • hubs
  • Shimano - 32 T - Centerlock
  • lights
  • Reerlight like magnetic lights
  • spokes
  • Spokeless wheels
  • weight
  • 15kg
  • length
  • 1200mm
  • height
  • 1200mm
  • width
  • 200mm